Boarding School Magic

April 5th, 2018

Hi to all my fans! (I like to imagine, ok?)

So, i was recently asked to perform at a Queen Margarets Boarding School for Girls in York, and what a great show it was!

It was part of their arts weekend, and I was reliably informed that the evening before the students had put on a dance show. So there was my competition!

I was looked after incredibly well by a Miss Davidson who supplied me with plenty of coffee after my early morning up to a very snowy York on the train, and the tech guys I had where ace with my dress rehearsal where we went through the music, lights and giving me some sweet sweet reverb. Doing a show at 2 in the afternoon isn’t something I’m used to so was also a bit nervous, especially considering my audience where 11-18 year olds, the younger of the scale not generally my usual audience.

However despite these few things the show was fantastic! The audience loved it and after telling that they didn’t need to be so polite (they put their hands up rather than cheering when asked a question, bless!) and also my brand new finale went down a storm! I used just two teachers and no one else for the entire show, starting with one and building up to needing them both then leading them down a garden path.

I was very proud of my performance and had about 40 minutes to get over the incredible adrenaline rush before I was teaching the years 1-4 some simple tricks they can use on their friends, each year group being taught something completely different so they could go away and each had their own trick to either fool or teach to the others.

The day was stressful to start due to the weather and hoping to high heaven that I could get there, but by the end was fantastically rewarding and I loved every moment. The theatre space was gorgeous, the school stunning, and the pupils lovely and a very appreciative audience. And of course a massive thank you to my two volunteers!

Thats all for now, keep the magic alive and spark on my fellow mammals!