Busy Busy Busy

December 12th, 2017

Hola me amigos!

So I’ve had me one busy week and a bit since the last update 🙂

I performed for the fabulous Suzie Sequin at The Looking Glass Burlesque in wonderful Warrington! The line up was incredible, with Millie Dollar headlining the show who brought the glam to glamorous that evening, and the ace Rosie Lugosi who I haven’t worked with since I started my career, and it was brilliant to catch up.

Next up I journeyed to the far regions of Liverpool to find and amaze at The Secret Circus, which has a great almost cult following and is well worth checking out. There is literally something for everyone. Also performing where my friends Jollyboat who’s comedy songs are legendary, the whip cracking Diva Hollywood, and many many more!

and finally, the Masons in Flint invited me to their Christmas ball to perform. It was so much fun and everyone was loving it. Blowing minds is my favourite thing I have decided haha! Also I performed at OddFellows in Chester for a 30th birthday, and it pretty much turned into a mini street show, with everyone gathering around to watch and getting in close.

It’s times like this I love my job, however there are always things that can go wrong. I’m going to cover a story in my next blog discussing something that happened quite recently, so stay tuned for it. I guarantee it’ll make you chuckle.

And don’t forget, my deal for 60 minutes of magic for £150 is still live for all your last minute Christmas parties, events, and general fun times 🙂

Thats all for now! Let the magic spark on my fellow mammals!