Cruise Time!!

March 27th, 2018

Hello my lovely people!

This blog has been a long time coming but here we go! Apologies for the delay.

So those that follow me know that recently I was off on a cruise around the Caribbean! And oh my was it fun!

We started in Barbados every Sunday and did a trip around loads of different beautiful islands, seeing the sights, the wildlife, and making great friends.


My role on ship was basically ‘Ship’s Magician’, my services where used for the Captains evening and during deck parties as a close up performer, and during the day I ran workshops teaching people how to do simple magic and also performing my parlour show once a week as well as delivering talks on the Sideshow and my personal favourite, ‘The Weird Stuff Your Body Can Do’ which I adored as it’s such an interesting topic!

The team on board where fabulous. The cruise directors we had where brilliant, the assistant cruise directors where also on point and loved getting involved with everything. And of course we have the entertainment staff. They really made me feel like one of the team for the short amount of time I was there, going ashore together when we had the same time off and looking out for each other.


As you can gather, I massively enjoyed my time aboard the ship, massive thanks to Peel Talent for getting me on board, and heres a picture of a very pretty rainbow from Antigua to brighten your day!


Thats all for now. Keep loving and spark on my fellow mammals!