Magicy goodness

November 16th, 2017

Hello my lovely friends (and people that think I’m awesome, you know who you are!)

So this past week I filled it with lots of magicy goodness! I took a trip up to York to see quite possibly one of the UK’s best entertainers and Britains Got Talent finalist Mr Matt Edwards.Matt is also an alumni of the House of Illusion, and in his work you can see how much work he has put into every last detail, his thoughts and how he has developed a character which just completely sucks you in.

We went out afterwards for a few drinks and continued to watch Matt doing card tricks, you can tell he absolutely adores what he does, and I can highly recommend going to watch him in his one man show, or hopefully on a television screen in the near future!

The next day, myself, Liam Devine the yoyo king and Tom Crosbie the performing nerd had a day out together chatting magic and other random things that came to our minds. It’s not often I get to just hang out with other magicians and it was a really fun day! For those that don’t know them, they’re some of the nicest and oddest people you will ever meet, and I highly recommend you check out their work. Liam has won awards in his YoYo performances and Tom is, well, a nerd. We chatted about Pokemon cards and everything!

Oh, and on another note, I am very slowly coming to terms with my own nerdiness. Yes dear reader, it seems to be in magic you automatically like comics, LEGO, Star Wars, and other potential attributes. It is a problem. However I’m planning on using that to my advantage. I’ve fought it for a long time but I feel I’m at a point where I can combine the two. It has often been said that to create and be the best magician you can be, combine what you love with your magic, and I feel I might have finally found a way in which to do this. It’s a long way off, but the seeds have been planted to combine elements of the past and the future to create something just as good as either to misquote the Mighty Boosh! I feel that with a fair bit of work I can create magic and routines which will combine my odd zaniness of my character with my outside loves, and immerse people in a world of bizarreness that they will love. Or hate. Hey, art is conceptual right?

So that’s been my week so far my beloveds. and heres to next time I check in.

Let the magic spark on my fellow mammals!