Workshop Weirdness!

May 1st, 2018

Hello to my fabulous peers and individuals!

So you may have noticed in a few things I’ve mentioned workshops. You, yes YOU can learn how to be a master of weird and wonderful wizardry. So if your name is You definitely get in touch!

In all seriousness this is something I love doing. Teaching people is always a rewarding experience, and something I seriously enjoy. And it’s not just for the children, it’s for everyone!

Ever wanted to make a splash at a party, I can teach you a few tricks that’ll definitely make you the star!

It’s also perfect for team building exercises, with the group split in two and one side learning one trick whilst the other team learns another, then they perform for each other and if they want, reveal the secrets. But it’s more fun if you don’t tell!

This is also something perfect for schools, teaching new skills to students which can help build confidence and give them something fun to talk about and help to enrich them!

Looking for something a bit different? This is it 🙂

Let the magic spark on my fellow mammals!